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Too overpowering. Too confident. Too dramatic. 


Driven. Self-assured. Outspoken.

What do you really think of me? 

Or of bold, brave women in general? 

Are they “too dramatic”, or are they outspoken when they hear someone talking BS?

Are they “too overpowering”, or are they bold and determined to get what they want in life? 

Depending on your view on the world, you may see me as being “too much”. 

That’s cool. 

Because I know I’d rather be “too much” to some, than not enough for myself. 

I go into everything in my life with a drive to succeed. 

My view on what success looks like may change, but the journey to get me there is the most impactful for me. 

And my latest journey has brought me to release my own fashion brand, By SC. 

This fashion brand encompasses everything I’m about, and everything I want to empower others to be. 

It’s something I’ve been passionate about for a long time, and I’m proud I’ve finally taken the leap. 

I want you to know, it’s not just “another fashion brand”. 

I do not blend in (have you seen my muscles, lol). 

I do not fit the mold, nor do I want to. 

My intention is, and always will be, to stand up for who I am and stand out from the crowd. 

This means By SC will do the same. 

Over time I’ll drop new collections with fresh pieces, varied colorways and different looks.

But all of my pieces will be bold. 

Every collection will be original.

And every item will be designed to make you feel empowered by your body. 

To allow you to stand up for who you are, and be proud of yourself. 

This brand is different. 

It’s bringing something that is missing from a lot of fashion brands just now. 

You know, the brands that make matching co-ord skirts and jackets…

Who’s models look like photoshopped clones of one another, but unlike any other person on the planet.

Who’s designs could belong to any of their competition, because they all sell the same crap.

By SC breaks down barriers these brands constantly put up. 

It’s real. Designed by me, with looks I love and items I’d wear (and I do wear them, like all the time). 

It’s raw. There are no heavy filters or editing in any of our photos. What you see is what you get with our clothing. 

It’s unique. There’s a lot of copycats in the fashion industry, and it’s a crowded market. My designs are my own, with inspiration from people and brands I look up to, looks I love and also what I feel is missing from my own wardrobe. 

I have worked hard to become the fierce, confident and proud woman I am today. 

By SC is my passion, my outlet, and my way of making every woman who wears my collections feel the same way. 

To be unashamedly her, celebrate her imperfections, her strength and her beauty. 

I hope you’ll be one of those women. 

Strength in Style, 

Stefi Cohen

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