Make a Statement Without Saying a Word.

Make a Statement Without Saying a Word.

Whether you take 20 seconds or 20 minutes to choose an outfit, the clothes you put on everyday send a message to the world about who you are. 

I’ve always loved fashion, and not just for the final product. 

I love the story behind pieces, understanding how and where things were made and the cultural inspirations used to develop clothing lines and brands. 

Because of this, I’ve never categorized my style. 

It’s not exclusively grungy, girly, preppy, or anything in between. 

I don’t...

Legacy Tee - But Make It Fashion

T-shirts don’t always get treated with the respect they deserve. 

We throw them on, sleep in them, and finally demote them to the category in our wardrobe that we wouldn’t dare wear out in public. 

It’s sad, really. 

Those poor t-shirts :(.

So I’m here to make a change. A statement. Take a stand. 

For all the t-shirts that have been discarded, left in a pile, unloved and forgotten. 

Ok, maybe I need to tone this down a little...

Bored. Excited. Unstoppable. Unafraid.

It’s taken me a long time to get where I am today. 

Not just in business, or in my physical achievements, but with my mindset. 

I’ve always been driven to achieve and succeed. 

But my idea of achievements and success have transitioned over time. 

I used to think once I had a certain thing, or reached a certain level of wealth, I’d feel like I had succeeded. 

The truth is, I’ll never...

The Biggest Style Mistake I’ve Ever Made

What style faux pas have you made in the past? 

Do you ever look back at outfits you used to wear, or accessories you’d chosen and cringe a little?

I definitely do. 

I’ve always had a bold style. 

And bold doesn’t always equal nice lol. 

I’m talkin’ about the early 2000s when low rise jeans and handkerchief halter necks were the go-to looks. 

Anastasia, Britney, J-Lo and Christina were the style icons and whatever they wore, I wore. 

I realize now...

Outfit Repeating Never Looked Better

Outfit Repeating Never Looked Better

When I’m shopping, there are a couple of things I think about before I buy anything. 

  1. Do I have anything already in my wardrobe that’s similar
  2. What do I have to match this item

I like to challenge myself to think of 3 or 4 outfits I can wear with anything new I buy to make sure I get the most out of it, and avoid throwing it to the back of my closet and forgetting it exists.

I thought it’d be fun...