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Get the Inside Scoop on the Latest Scandal

Hey ladies, 

I’m so excited to be sharing my third By SC drop with you, and to talk through some of my favorite pieces (but let’s face it, they’re all awesome). 

This drop is aptly named SCANDAL.

It’s not a scandal in the traditional sense. 

No Hollywood dramas over here, lol. 

But the pieces are unexpected, bold, and brave. 

The fit will make you feel like the confident, sexy, and strong woman you are. 

Whether you wanna be comfy in joggers or dressed up in a bra top, you’ll be sure to stand out from the crowd.

I’m obsessed with the colourways in this collection, and with how versatile each piece is. 

My goal is to always create items you can wear in and out of the gym, things that are comfortable and sexy, can be dressed up or kept low-key. 

With that in mind, I wanna firstly look at the Peek-a-boo Bra.

Believe me when I say this took a long time for me to get right. 

I wanted to make sure it provided us girls with the right amount of support, whilst having a unique look with the cutout.

It’s the perfect garment to take you straight from the gym to the bar (although you might wanna shower first). 

The navy tie-dye would look unreal with some acid wash tie-dye Mom jeans and sneakers, or dress up the eggplant colorway with some leather pants, heels and an oversized blazer. 

If you wanna save this look for the gym, both Peek-a-boo bras come with co-ord options. Choose from shorts, leggings or joggers - something for everyone, all squat-proof obvs. 

Ok, this next piece is also one of my favorites (it’s hard to pick one, ok?!).

It’s this awesome sleeveless hoodie available in navy tie-dye and black. 

This will have you lookin’ fire no matter where you are. 

Throw it on for an early morning workout, head for a coffee or even to the office if you’re going for the smart-casual look. 

I love this piece because it has a hood, and sometimes I just wanna train without anybody talking to me (anti-social much?). 

So it’s awesome to put my headphones on, put my hood up and lift some heavy-ass weights. 

This will also go with the shorts, leggings or joggers from this collection. 

You could create a full capsule wardrobe with SCANDAL. 

And finally, back by popular demand the X-Bra.

This piece truly encompasses everything the By SC brand stands for. 

Strong, sexy, sophisticated…

It’s versatility means you can pair it with so many different looks, always knowing you’ll look insane.

It’s a favorite in my wardrobe, and I hope you love it too (if you manage to snag it before they all sell out). 

SCANDAL is my best collection yet, I’m super excited to finally share the looks I’ve worked so hard on for you. 

Strength In Style, 

Stefi Cohen

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