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How To Flip The Switch On Your Morning With A Killer Look

I’m not generally one for moaning in the mornings.

But you know those days you wake up and you just feel…


When you can’t quite put your finger on why you feel the way you do. 

Nobody cheated on you in your dream. 

You didn’t eat too much dairy and wake up bloated and gassy (gross but true). 

And you don’t have anything overly stressful looming on your to-do list. 

So you’re stumped, and all you know is you don’t quite feel like yourself. 

Let me tell you a little story about the first time I felt like this and decided to do something about it rather than lean into it (and ultimately make myself feel worse).

I woke up one morning feeling a bit out of sorts. Not in a bad mood per se, but not in a particularly good one either. Nothing had happened to make me feel like this, it was just the way I felt when I woke up.

So I scraped my hair back. 

Stuck on a hoodie, shorts, and some sneakers. 

And decided that was my look for the day. 

I was ready to walk out the door, carrying this mood with me like a bad smell. Until I stopped and thought, 

What am I doing? I’ve gotta shake this mood off ASAP. 

I was annoying myself, which was making me feel more negatively and I knew I needed to break this cycle or it was going to ruin my day. 

So I went back into my closet, took off my scruffy hoodie and shorts, and decided to re-frame my day by changing my outfit. 

I thought about when I feel my best. 

In a girly dress? Not really my jam. 

In lots of leather and skulls? Not today, not in this weather. 

I wanted a look that was comfortable but stylish, and would have me feeling confident (and maybe a little bit boujee). 

I landed with this. 

I kept the outfit super simple with a grey knit crop and some loose linen pants…

Gotta be keepin’ it breezy in these summer months. 

A pair of sneakers because I needed this look to be practical too.

And topped it off with my baby. 

My Bottega. 

It added the pop of color I needed to give my personality the pop of color it seemed to be missing that day. 

This is the bag of dreams, let me tell ya. 

The green is the perfect shade to be the splash of color in an otherwise neutral outfit (like this one). 

Or the bright clash against a gooorgeous pink suit (future outfit plans). 

It is perfect in every way, and was exactly what I needed on that day to give me the energy and vibe I was lacking. 

I also don’t subscribe to the notion that you buy nice things and keep them safely tucked away in their dust bags. 

No way. 

Get them out, show them off to the world and use them the way God (or in this case, Daniel Lee) intended. 

This might seem like an oversimplified way of boosting our mood. 

But I promise this took me from having a shit day where I moped about feeling sorry for myself (and probably annoying everybody)...

To one where I felt empowered, driven, and ready to get shit done!

Next time you feel meh, don’t let it take over your whole day. 

Think about how you want to feel that day… set it as your intention to feel like that… and find yourself a badass outfit that’s gonna get you that feeling. 

Strength in Style, 


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