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HYBRID Legacy X Riddick

You're about to get your eyes on our first ever HYBRID Legacy designer collaboration. And do we have something special for you.

The artist we collaborated with on this apparel drop has his roots in the underground death metal music scene....

He's been creating jaw dropping art for death metal bands for over 30 years...

His stoic philosophy on life and being aware of his inevitable demise drives him to fill his time with work he is deeply passionate about...

Meet Mark Riddick 👇

Here's what he had to say about the inspirations behind the designs you're about to see... 

"The illustrations I created for HYBRID were meant to be derived from my visual language—illustrating for metal bands—while simultaneously appearing to be powerful or attention-grabbing.

I wanted the artwork to have the potential to be a conversation piece during a workout session at the gym—given the demographic of the Hybrid brand.

The symbolic nature of the reaper, who represents death, is a reminder of our own mortality. Accepting that death is an inevitable part of our human condition should be a reminder to actively engage life and make the minutes count."

Purposeful, passionate, and bad ass designs are in our DNA at HYBRID Legacy.

And you can bet everything you have on us collaborating with artists and designers who share our values.

Check out some of the insane pieces we dropped with 
Mark Riddick..


Learn more about super talented Mark Riddick here.

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