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Introducing HYBRID Fight Club

We've just added another heavy hitter to your wardrobe.

And it's based on something we know about you...

You're a fighter.

You fight through every rep, every workout, and every single damn day.

This shirt is a daily reminder to WUCV (Wake Up Choosing Violence).

The term started as an internet meme.

But once Stefi got a hold of it, she did what she does best and made it a movement.

WUCV is a mantra we now live by here at HYBRID.

It doesn’t mean violence in the literal sense.

It means get up everyday and attack everything you do like your life depends on it, because it does.

Floating through life comfortably and without friction is what society has conditioned us to do.

WUCV is an objection to the norm of mediocrity.

Wearing this shirt means you are part of a small minority of people who willfully choose the harder path...

The path will likely punch you in the face and ask you to get up again and take it because you can. 

This way of life isn’t for everyone but this is our tribute to those who WUCV with us, aka the HYBRID Fight Club 🥊

And the first rule of HYBRID Fight Club is you ALWAYS talk about HYBRID fight club.

This thing ain't a secret.

Shop the Fight Club tee or Fight Club hoodie now. 

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