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Legacy Tee - But Make It Fashion

T-shirts don’t always get treated with the respect they deserve. 

We throw them on, sleep in them, and finally demote them to the category in our wardrobe that we wouldn’t dare wear out in public. 

It’s sad, really. 

Those poor t-shirts :(.

So I’m here to make a change. A statement. Take a stand. 

For all the t-shirts that have been discarded, left in a pile, unloved and forgotten. 

Ok, maybe I need to tone this down a little before it gets weird, lol.

But let’s talk about t-shirt styling. 

Because a well-designed, high-quality t-shirt deserves to be shown off. 

It doesn’t have to just be something you “throw on”.

Let’s take our Hybrid Legacy Flames tee as an example. 

Wear this on your next date night, to lunch with friends, or even for a more casual work environment. 

Let’s start with date night. 

Tuck the Flame tee into a leather skirt and pair with some chunky heeled boots, like the Dr. Marten Chesney’s, for the ultimate biker girl look. 

If you’re feelin’ fancy, add the Chain Cassette Bottega Veneta bag in Maple. It’s the perfect accessory to give your look a level of chic that only Bottega can.

Ok, so we’ve got date night down.

What about lunch with your friends? 

This usually requires an awkward look somewhere between fancy and casual, where it’s easy to go too far one way or the other. 

Let’s nail this look with the Flames tee. 

I am obsessed with these burnt orange jeans from Lucy & Yak.

Pull your Flames t-shirt tight at the back and tie a knot to make it into a cropped tee, and roll your sleeve up at the hem to style it up some more. 

Add a pair of loafers, like these dreamy Ralph Lauren’s, to complete your simple but stylish look. 

A black shoulder bag will finish this off, and some oversized shades if you’re lucky enough to have a sunny day.

Fancy/casual lunch look = complete. 

Ok, last one - the work-appropriate look including a t-shirt…


Trust me, this look is gonna be amazing. 

To balance out the casual vibes of the t-shirt, I’d suggest a pair of wide-leg black tailored trousers.

Pair these with a heeled court shoe with a pop of color to keep this look fun but formal, and an oversized shoulder bag perfect to fit your laptop and notepad. 

Depending on the weather, add a structure blazer to bring this full look up a notch and show you mean business. 

The t-shirt and shoes keep this look edgy, and paired with the classic shape and style of the blazer and trousers, you’ve officially nailed business fashion.

The right t-shirt is versatile, stylish, comfortable and an asset to your wardrobe. 

Treat it with the respect it deserves ;).

Strength In Style, 


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