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Legacy X Yuri Reis

The strength of HYBRID inspired these designs.

Guts, courage, wild instinct, and a lot of attitude!”
 -Yuri Reis

Yuri grew up sketching Dragon Ball Z characters.

The HYBRID crew spend their days trying to look and perform like Goku and Gohan.

And you're about to see how he went super saiyan on these designs.

Sometimes in life you need to roll with the punches.

Yuri used this mantra as the inspiration for one of his designs after seeing how Stefi & our very own bare knuckle beast Brutal Bostwick handle their business.

They get in the squared circle every week with someone who is trying to punch their face off.

And they carry the lessons from combat into their everyday life to be the best version of themselves.

Speaking of which...

Yuri's second design is all about being the strongest dog in the pound.

We see a little bit of Riley the bully and even our pooch Flo in the design.

She didn't have it easy.

She came to us from a hard life on the streets of Miami.

And now? She's an absolute diamond.

Which is undeniable proof of how strong she is.

And finally...

With Yuri taking inspiration from the fighters in our crew we are bringing back our wildly popular Fight Club design for this drop.


Learn more about Yuri Reis here.

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