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The Biggest Style Mistake I’ve Ever Made

What style faux pas have you made in the past? 

Do you ever look back at outfits you used to wear, or accessories you’d chosen and cringe a little?

I definitely do. 

I’ve always had a bold style. 

And bold doesn’t always equal nice lol. 

I’m talkin’ about the early 2000s when low rise jeans and handkerchief halter necks were the go-to looks. 

Anastasia, Britney, J-Lo and Christina were the style icons and whatever they wore, I wore. 

I realize now these looks were not for me. 

Not because they weren’t stylish for their time (questionable now, but bang on the money in 2002). 

But because they didn’t reflect the style I truly liked. I dressed this way because I thought it was cool. I thought it made me stylish. 

It didn’t, it made me a sheep. 

This is the only real style mistake you can make - dressing like someone else because you think they’re more stylish than you. 

There’s nothing wrong with taking style advice and tips from people you admire. There are only so many different ways you can dress, so understandably you’ll take inspiration from others. 

But you should not be a carbon copy of someone else. Like this girl (please tell me this Mean Girls reference does not go over your head):

Don’t be this chick. 

It can be hard to find your own style when every store seems to have the same items and looks. 

So I’ve got a few tips for you if you’re struggling to find your own signature style. 

Pinterest is a great place to begin looking for inspiration. There are thousands of amazing boards and blogs out there to help you find your own style.

You can also have a think about these things:

  • What fit suits your silhouette 
  • What does your wardrobe lack
  • What colors suit your skin tone, hair and coloring
  • What items are you most comfortable in

Get a list like this together before you go shopping. This means you won’t be sucked in by the latest styles on perfectly poised mannequins. 

Instead you’re going in with a game plan, knowing what you want and more importantly what you don’t want. 

Sure, we’ll probably all look back 10 years from now and think “what the hell was I thinking”

But you’ll know the style was unashamedly yours, and you’ll know at the time you felt like a badass. 

The only big style mistake you’ll ever make is the mistake to not dress like yourself. 

As Oscar Wilde said, 

“Be yourself. Everyone else is already taken.”

Strength in Style, 


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