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Wake Up, Choose Violence; Explained

If you follow my social media or get my weekly emails, you’ll know my mantra is,

Wake Up, Choose Violence.

I live by this.

Now I obviously don’t mean you should choose actual physical violence.

I’m not condoning waking up and swinging punches first thing in the morning (unless you’re in a boxing ring of course).

But Wake Up, Choose Violence means that every day you wake up and a conscious decision to win the day.

Even perfectly ordinary days.

Where you head to work, school, or fulfil your other daily responsibilities.

You can do all of these things with one of two attitudes;

  1. This is the same boring shit I do every day, so minimal effort is required.

That attitude is guaranteed to make your day suck, and no doubt your performance will suffer too.

Or you can have the attitude of;

  1. I’m going to make the best of whatever comes my way today and put forward my best.

The second requires more effort. But why wouldn’t you want to put effort into your own life? You only have one.

I’m passionate about Wake Up Choose Violence because it can totally flip your approach and outlook on life. It’s done that for me.

I wake up with purpose, drive and determination.

And if I notice myself flagging during the day, WUCV is a split second reminder for me to keep pushing on.

Through hard times, sad times, really shitty times.

I’ll always put forward my top effort because of my mantra.

Your mantra doesn’t have to be Wake Up, Choose Violence (although it IS pretty awesome IMO).

But it should be something equally motivating and encouraging.

Define what matters to you, choose words that fuel your fire, then get on with living your life by that mantra.

Strength In Style,


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