HYBRID Legacy X Cory Snyder

Cory Snyder has been creating art since he was 6 years old.⁠

His designs are incredible and they're a huge reason why we reached out to collaborate with him.⁠

But this wasn't the only reason...⁠

Cory has a very unique attitude that he applies to both his creative process AND the legacy he wants to leave behind. ⁠

What is this attitude?⁠

Well, the best way I can sum it up is like this...⁠

He doesn't sit around and wait for the perfect moment, he works through resistance to find it.⁠

Steven Pressfield wrote this about resistance in The War Of Art...⁠

""We can...

HYBRID Legacy X Riddick

You're about to get your eyes on our first ever HYBRID Legacy designer collaboration. And do we have something special for you.

The artist we collaborated with on this apparel drop has his roots in the underground death metal music scene....

He's been creating jaw dropping art for death metal bands for over 30 years...

His stoic philosophy on life and being aware of his inevitable demise drives him to fill his time with work he is deeply passionate about...

Meet Mark Riddick 👇



When I look back at all the designs we’ve created, it’s hard to believe we were apprehensive about taking apparel to the next level with HYBRID Legacy. It’s true what they say, what doesn’t challenge you won’t change you.