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Wake Up, Choose Violence; Explained

If you follow my social media or get my weekly emails, you’ll know my mantra is,

Wake Up, Choose Violence.

I live by this.

Now I obviously don’t mean you should choose actual physical violence.

I’m not condoning waking up and swinging punches first thing in the morning (unless you’re in a boxing ring of course).

But Wake Up, Choose Violence means that every day you wake up and a conscious decision to win the day.


Confident AND Comfortable?

If you’re confident in your appearance, you must be comfortable wearing whatever you like.

And if you’re comfortable wearing anything, you must be super confident.



I don’t think it’s as simple as that. 

And let me tell you why (that’s why you’re here, afterall).

A couple of weeks ago I spoke about nudity on my Instagram. More specifically, the exploitation and sexualization of the female body and the impact this has on women. 

Read the article

Make a Statement Without Saying a Word.

Make a Statement Without Saying a Word.

Whether you take 20 seconds or 20 minutes to choose an outfit, the clothes you put on everyday send a message to the world about who you are. 

I’ve always loved fashion, and not just for the final product. 

I love the story behind pieces, understanding how and where things were made and the cultural inspirations used to develop clothing lines and brands. 

Because of this, I’ve never categorized my style. 

It’s not exclusively grungy, girly, preppy, or anything in between. 

I don’t...

Legacy Tee - But Make It Fashion

T-shirts don’t always get treated with the respect they deserve. 

We throw them on, sleep in them, and finally demote them to the category in our wardrobe that we wouldn’t dare wear out in public. 

It’s sad, really. 

Those poor t-shirts :(.

So I’m here to make a change. A statement. Take a stand. 

For all the t-shirts that have been discarded, left in a pile, unloved and forgotten. 

Ok, maybe I need to tone this down a little...

Bored. Excited. Unstoppable. Unafraid.

It’s taken me a long time to get where I am today. 

Not just in business, or in my physical achievements, but with my mindset. 

I’ve always been driven to achieve and succeed. 

But my idea of achievements and success have transitioned over time. 

I used to think once I had a certain thing, or reached a certain level of wealth, I’d feel like I had succeeded. 

The truth is, I’ll never...

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